Radiation Oncology

The department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which includes

  • Megavoltage dual Photon and multiple electron high energy linear accelerator (LINAC) (X-ray energy 6 & 15 MV and Electron energy 6,9,12 MeV) incorporating Asymmetric jaws, multileaf collimator, and portal vision facility.
  • Well equipped mould room.
  • CT Simulator with virtual simulation facility.
  • Computerized 3- Dimensional Treatment planning System with inverse Planning IMRT.
  • Networking of all equipment and diagnostic Spiral-CT scan machines.

These are some of the latest development in radiation Oncology for high precision delivery of radiotherapy, which exactly localize the tumor and deliver the radiation precisely, sparing the normal tissue, resulting in less toxicity with better tumor control.

This is the first linear accelerator (LINAC) in this part of the country with 3DCRT and IMRT facility.

When a patient comes to us for radiotherapy, we make a thermoplastic mould for immobilization & a planning C.T. Scan is done. Then the CT image is transferred to TPS (Treatment Planning System) & over the image, the target area for radiotherapy is done & radiotherapy planning is done.

By IMRT technique we plan the radiotherapy, precisely spare the organ at risk (eye, spinal cord etc.) & at the same time deliver the radiation to the target accurately & precisely.

Our Specialist in Radiation Oncology:


Dr. Himansu Sekhar Patra, MD
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Dr. Deepak Ku. Das      MD,DNB

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