Chemotherapy is the treatment of Cancer with administration of drugs.
In Leukemia, Lymphoma, Choriocarcinoma multiple myeloma chemotherapy is the definite mode of therapy.
In many other diseases like carcinoma of breast, stomach, colon chemotherapy is administered after definitive treatment by surgery.
Chemotherapy is also given as a palliative treatment in case of inoperable and advanced disease to prolong and improve quality of life.
The drugs are administered usually intravenously but some drugs are given orally also.
The drugs are given after proper assessment of the patient by a medical board. Patients are explained about the complication of chemotherapy and the precaution to be taken during the treatment.
The drugs are administered in the hospital under strict supervision of experienced doctors by trained staffs.
Chemotherapy is given both on daycare basis and in the indoor. The patient can go back home if drugs are given in the daycare ward.

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